Reset, recover, and repair your WordPress site in no time.

WordPress is fantastic … when it works. But when you come across the white screen of death, or things don’t feel as smooth as they did before you smashed the update button on 8 plugins simultaneously — not great!

Read this before you decide to delete the whole site and start a new one. As a WordPress enthusiast, I’ve seen my fair share of plugins, but this WordPress plugin stands out for its unique approach to site management and sorting out WordPress problems. In this comprehensive review, I’ll dive deep into its features, compare it to similar plugins, and ultimately help you decide if it’s the right tool for your WordPress needs.

Whether you’re a seasoned developer who might want to reset a staging site or a beginner who doesn’t want to reinstall WordPress (again!), this review is designed to provide valuable insights that can help you work faster and smarter with WordPress.

Let’s find out how WP Reset stacks up against other plugins.

What is WP Reset?

Simply put, it’s a solution designed to help you easily manage, debug, and recover your WordPress site. It’s a tool that takes the pain out of debugging and developing themes and plugins by resetting and restoring WordPress installations. But it’s more than just a reset tool. Packed with features that allow you to control your WordPress environment, speed up site deployment, testing, and recovery, It’s a tool that many users didn’t realize they needed until they saw it in action.

Why Use A Plugin To Reset A WordPress Site?

The beauty of WP Reset lies in its simplicity and power. It’s a tool that’s designed to save you time and effort when managing your WordPress site. Whether you’re testing new themes and plugins, debugging issues, or recovering from a site mishap, WP Reset makes the process faster and easier. It’s a tool that’s built for both developers and non-developers alike, with a focus on ease of use and efficiency.

How to Restart Or Reset WordPress with This Plugin

Resetting your WordPress site with WP Reset is a straightforward process. The plugin provides a one-click solution to reset your site to its default settings. This can be incredibly useful when you’re testing new themes or plugins and want to start with a clean slate. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to reset your WordPress site with WP Reset:

  1. Install and activate the WP Reset plugin.
  2. Navigate to the WP Reset dashboard within your WordPress admin area.
  3. Click on the ‘Reset’ tab.
  4. Confirm that you want to reset your site. Remember, this action will delete all your site’s content and settings, so ensure you have a backup if needed!
  5. Click on the ‘Reset WordPress’ button.

And that’s it! Your WordPress site will be reset to its default settings. No need for an advanced WordPress reset by using FTP to delete files or manually customizing the database to the default installation.

WP Reset: A Time Machine for Your WordPress Site

One of the standout features of WP Reset is its ability to act as a ‘time machine’ for your WordPress site. Have you ever clicked ‘update plugin’, and then everything went haywire? (I know you have, don’t even lie). With WP Reset, you can go back to the past when everything was working with just one click. It’s a feature that provides peace of mind and adds an extra layer of security to your WordPress site management.

Key Features of WP Reset

WP Reset is packed with features designed to streamline your WordPress site management. Let’s take a closer look at some of these key features and how they can benefit you.

Resetting Your WordPress Site

The primary function of WP Reset is to reset your WordPress site to its default settings. This feature is incredibly useful when you’re testing new themes and plugins and want to start from a clean slate. It’s also handy if you’re experiencing issues with your site and want to troubleshoot by eliminating potential conflicts. If you’ve ever thought, “I need to reset WordPress,” this is the plugin for you. Except if you enjoy setting up a new site from scratch ?

Recovering Your WordPress Site

WP Reset isn’t just about resetting; it’s also about recovery. The plugin features a robust recovery tool to help you get your site back up and running if something goes wrong. Whether you’re dealing with a white screen of death or an inaccessible admin area, WP Reset’s recovery feature can be a lifesaver.

Repairing Your WordPress Site

WP Reset also includes a repair feature, allowing you to fix common issues with your WordPress site. This feature can be particularly useful if you’re dealing with broken elements or functionality on your site.

Improving Your WordPress Site Speed

WP Reset can also help improve the speed of your WordPress site. By removing unused widgets and cleaning up your site, WP Reset can help make your site faster and more efficient.

Rebranding Your WordPress Site

If you’re looking to rebrand your WordPress site, WP Reset can help. The plugin includes a rebranding feature that lets you easily change your site’s look and feel.

Creating Snapshots of Your WordPress Site

WP Reset’s snapshot feature allows you to create a snapshot of your site at any given time. This can be incredibly useful for testing purposes or for keeping a record of your site’s state at different times.

Emergency Recovery of Your WordPress Site

WP Reset includes an emergency recovery feature that can help you restore your site in case of a major issue. This feature can be a lifesaver when your site is inaccessible or experiencing significant problems.

Using Collections in WP Reset

WP Reset’s collections feature allows you to create a collection of your favorite plugins and themes. You can then install these collections with a single click, saving you time and effort.

But wait, there’s more!

A Nuclear Reset Option

Sometimes, a simple reset isn’t enough. You might need to ensure that everything is completely wiped clean – all options, all files, all custom database entries, and tables. That’s where WP Reset’s nuclear reset option comes into play. With a single click, you can wipe your WordPress site clean, giving you a fresh start. This feature is particularly useful when you’re dealing with stubborn issues that a standard reset can’t fix or when you want to overhaul your site completely. If you’ve ever thought, “I need to delete everything and start over with a new WordPress installation,” WP Reset’s nuclear reset option is for you.

Automatic Snapshots

WP Reset isn’t just about resetting and recovery; it’s also about prevention. One of the standout features of WP Reset is its ability to create automatic snapshots before all significant changes on your site. This means that whenever you’re about to make a major change, WP Reset will automatically create a snapshot of your site. This snapshot serves as a safe point so you can restore your site if something goes wrong. It’s like having a safety net, providing you with peace of mind whenever you’re making changes to your site.

The Emergency Recovery Feature

Even with all the preventative measures in place, emergencies can still happen. That’s why WP Reset includes an emergency recovery feature. This feature is designed to help you restore your site in case of a major issue. Whether you’re dealing with a white screen of death, an inaccessible admin area, or some other major problem, WP Reset’s emergency recovery feature can help you get your site back up and running. It’s like having your own personal WordPress superhero, ready to save the day when things go wrong.

Compared to Other WordPress Plugins

When it comes to WordPress site management, there are several plugins available in the market. However, WP Reset stands out for its comprehensive suite of features and its focus on simplicity and efficiency. Unlike many other plugins, WP Reset is not just about resetting your site; it’s a complete WordPress development tool that includes recovery, repair, speed improvement, rebranding, and more features.

While other plugins may offer one or two of these features, WP Reset combines them all into a single, easy-to-use plugin. This makes it a powerful tool for anyone who regularly works with WordPress sites, whether you’re a developer or a non-developer.

Pros and Cons

Like any tool, WP Reset has its pros and cons. Let’s take a look at some of them:


  • A comprehensive suite of features: it includes a wide range of features for managing, debugging, and recovering your WordPress site.
  • Easy to use: WP Reset is designed with simplicity in mind, making it easy to use even for non-developers.
  • Time-saving: With features like one-click reset and collections, WP Reset can save significant time when managing your WordPress site.
  • Safety measures: With automatic snapshots and the emergency recovery feature, WP Reset provides your site with an extra layer of safety.


  • Potential for data loss: While WP Reset includes several safety measures, the potential for data loss is still a risk if used improperly. It’s essential to always have a backup of your site before using WP Reset.
  • Not a replacement for a backup solution: While WP Reset can help recover your site in case of issues, it’s not a replacement for a full-fledged backup solution.

WP Reset: Compatibility, Requirements, and Statistics

Before you start using WP Reset, it’s important to understand its compatibility, requirements, and some key statistics. This will ensure that the plugin works smoothly on your WordPress site and doesn’t cause any unexpected issues.


WP Reset is compatible with most WordPress themes and plugins. It’s designed to work seamlessly with the WordPress core, making it a reliable tool for all WordPress users. Whether you’re using a popular theme like Divi or Astra, or a less-known one, WP Reset is likely to work without any issues.

As for plugins, WP Reset plays well with most of them. Whether you’re using popular plugins like Yoast SEO, Contact Form 7, or WooCommerce, you can expect WP Reset to work alongside them without any conflicts.

It’s also compatible with multisite installations. This means that if you’re running a WordPress multisite network, you can use WP Reset to manage, debug, and recover your sites.


As for requirements, WP Reset doesn’t ask for much. You only need a WordPress installation (version 4.0 or higher) and PHP version 5.2 or higher. It has over 400,000+ active installations, which is a testament to its popularity and reliability among WordPress users. It’s been tested up to WordPress version 6.2.2, ensuring its compatibility with the latest WordPress updates.

These are standard requirements for most WordPress plugins, so you’re likely to meet them if you’re running a relatively recent WordPress site.

It’s also recommended to have a backup solution in place before you start using WP Reset. While WP Reset includes safety measures like automatic snapshots and emergency recovery, it’s not a replacement for a full-fledged backup solution. Having a site backup is always a good idea, especially when working with a tool that can reset your site to its default settings.

WP Reset is a versatile and reliable tool for WordPress site management. Its wide compatibility, modest requirements, and impressive statistics make it a great choice for WordPress users of all levels. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a beginner, WP Reset can make your WordPress journey smoother and more efficient.